Q-Sourcing Uganda officially launched the Snack and Learn series that will provide an excellent opportunity for staff to expand knowledge sharing, foster collaboration, and professional development. These staff-led sessions will take on an informal approach with open dialogue and active participation with the aim of learning from each other’s experiences. The first session facilitated by Ronald Kakuba, the QSSU Project Manager for ERP Solutions tackled “ Streamlining Business Operations: Unleashing the Power of ERP’’, a highly engaging session on harnessing the transformative power of an ERP system to integrate processes, optimize efficiency, and drive organizational productivity and growth.


The focus of the session was to emphasize the adoption of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, enabling seamless collaboration across departments and supporting scalability as the organization continues to grow. This ERP system is tailored to revolutionize a company’s operations by offering a centralized platform and integrating modules such as finance, HR, procurement, project activities, inventory management, and CRM, the system provides real-time visibility and efficient data management capabilities.

One of the key benefits of our ERP system is its ability to streamline processes and improve overall efficiency. With its integrated modules, employees can access critical information and collaborate more effectively, eliminating silos and enhancing cross-departmental communication. This will enable us to make informed decisions and respond swiftly to changing market dynamics.


The Snack and Learn session provided an excellent platform for staff to gain a deeper understanding of the ERP system and its potential impact on our organization.

As we continue to invest in our employees’ professional development, sessions like Snack and Learn contribute significantly to our collective growth. It encourages a collaborative environment where team members can exchange ideas, learn from one another’s experiences, and stay updated on the latest industry trends.


We remain committed to creating a culture of continuous learning, empowering our team members, and driving Q-Sourcing towards future success.