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Q-Sourcing Servtec is East Africa’s top recruitment hub, connecting businesses with elite talent from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Sudan. No matter what industry you operate in, you can partner with us for strategic hiring and exceptional workforce quality.


Full-Cycle Recruitment

We manage the entire hiring journey: from crafting job posts, sourcing elite candidates, leading interviews, to aiding in negotiations.

Targeted Headhunting

QSS team will expertly search, select and engage top-tier talent, especially for specialized, niche, or challenging vacancies.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

For businesses aiming to streamline their hiring with an efficient, cost-friendly outsourced recruitment solution.

Featured Clients

Q-Sourcing is timely, organized, and they provide clear documentation. Q-Sourcing Limited team has been impactful with the team’s clear expertise helping optimize overall efficiency and productivity for our business.

General Manager

Hygiene Product Manufacturing Company-Kenya

They have done very well in terms of meeting deadlines — they go above and beyond the call of duty. They provide valuable insight and makes sure we are up to date. They are also communicative and reliable.

HR Assistant


They are exemplary & are doing a good job of helping us hire quality people. The team is capable & clearly informed about our industry, making their expertise especially valuable. They’re available, communicative & approachable.

Chief Accountant


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From individual pros to comprehensive teams, remote or on-site, we connect you with top-notch, experienced experts.

Additionally, QSS will cater to diverse needs, providing recruitment for permanent, temporary, part-time, contract roles, and single project hires.

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Boost your business across Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and South Sudan with our premier talent management. As foremost HR consultants, we fuse tech-driven solutions for optimal staffing.


We are East Africa’s premier project management & factory operations consultancy, serving Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, & South Sudan. As a top business outsourcing firm, we back major enterprises safely.


Q-Sourcing Servtec specializes in expat relocation in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, & South Sudan. We offer international mobility, visa, and immigration assistance for professionals on the move.