Q-Sourcing Servtec Rwanda recently concluded an interactive training on soft skills for the workplace. It was an interactive session that highlighted the importance and ideal application of these skills in today’s ever-evolving professional landscape. The session buzzed with engaging discussions as we openly shared personal experiences and insights on work ethic, etiquette, and the importance of continuous learning.


Additionally, we participated in team-building activities designed to strengthen bonds, recognize and respect each other’s comfort zones, and identify areas for growth. The bright mood that filled the room was a testament to the unity and commitment we are building in our team.


The Rwanda team views this as a transformative step towards enhancing our ability to work effectively, understand each other better, and remain dedicated to our continuous personal and professional development because at Q-Sourcing Servtec Rwanda, we’re more than just a team; we’re a unit that thrives on growth, learning, and the power of soft skills.


Going forward, the lessons learned and the connections formed during this training will guide our path as we put these insights into practice and witness how they transform our work and our relationships within the team.