In a strategic effort to prioritize staff safety, Q-Sourcing Tanzania rolled out an intensive fire-fighting training program. Spearheaded by HR and led by experts Fahad Mkumbwa and Johari Almasi, the initiative provided employees with critical knowledge to address fire emergencies in the office, homes, and wider Tanzanian community. The expertise of Firefighting Instructor SGT. Amani Hassan was central to this endeavor.


The course covered fire prevention, highlighted risks like faulty electrical systems and flammable material storage, and educated on rapid response methods. Through hands-on demos, staff learned about fire-fighting equipment, techniques, and evacuation. Emphasis was also placed on residential fire safety, urging employees to spread awareness in their community, thereby underlining Q-Sourcing Tanzania’s broader societal commitment.

Understanding the dynamic nature of safety, the company plans to hold regular refresher courses, fortifying its dedication to a safety-conscious culture. QSS Tanzania’s initiative not only reinforces a safe work environment but also positions its HR staff as informed ambassadors of fire safety in Tanzania.