The leadership of Q-Sourcing Servtec Group recently convened for a three-day retreat in Nairobi, Kenya, aiming to redefine their growth trajectory and fortify leadership. Activities included renewing the ‘Q-Sourcing Story,’ a testament to the company’s journey and ethos, and analyzing the year’s performance metrics and objectives.

Deep dives into strategic objectives and operational metrics allowed the team to assess achievements and barriers, sparking innovative solutions for continuous growth.



Emphasis was given to the company’s organizational structure, particularly its alignment with the strategic Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Leadership development, crucial for the company’s future, included workshops and peer-learning. Beyond strategy, team-building exercises on the final day aimed to enhance cooperation and camaraderie.

With a renewed focus and reinforced team spirit, Q-Sourcing Servtec Group is poised for transformative growth, solidifying its industry standing. CLICK HERE to check out the full gallery of this engagement.