Have you ever felt overlooked at work? You’re not the only one. Many of us hope for a nod of approval or more for our hard work and dedication, yet often it seems like our efforts go unnoticed. This can be particularly true for administrative staff who typically play crucial but understated roles. So, is there anything you can you do if praise and recognition are scarce at your job? You might have more options than you realize. Here are some practical steps to help you receive the acknowledgment you deserve at work.

Take ownership

When you complete a tough task, spearhead a special project, or go the extra mile to finish an important assignment, make sure to claim your due credit. While you might feel tempted to shine the spotlight on others to avoid seeming self-centered, you risk undervaluing your own contributions. It’s essential to acknowledge your own work appropriately. Though it might feel a bit awkward, seize the opportunity when the spotlight turns your way.

Keep your manager informed

For your work to be recognized, you might need to engage in some self-promotion by discussing your contributions. Your boss may not be fully aware of the effort and coordination involved in the tasks you handle, like the comprehensive presentation you delivered that took inputs from various teams across Tanzania and Rwanda and late nights to perfect. Regular updates to your boss, either through emails or brief meetings, are crucial. Share both small and significant achievements consistently, not just at your annual review.

Build your presence

Recognition is unlikely if you’re not a known figure in your workplace. Building relationships with your colleagues ensures they are familiar with you and more likely to appreciate your efforts. Simple actions like greeting others, participating in company events, and being active in meetings can significantly enhance your visibility.

Understand recognition processes

Sometimes, not getting recognized is simply a matter of not engaging with existing recognition programs. If your company has a recognition system, make sure you understand it well. Who gets recognized, based on what criteria, and how can you qualify?

Excel in your role

The best way to gain recognition? Excel at your job. Whether you’re negotiating contracts or known for your tech savvy, let your skills shine and volunteer for tasks where you can make a significant impact.

Recognize others

As the saying goes, treat others as you would like to be treated. By acknowledging the hard work of your colleagues, you not only foster a positive environment but also encourage a culture of mutual recognition which, in turn, increases your chances of being appreciated.

Is there a rewards and recognition program at your place of work? Are you satisfied with it? Tell us more about it in the comments section below.