We are incredibly delighted to share the news of our esteemed CEO, Mr. Patrick Mbonye, stepping into a prestigious new role. He has been selected to serve on the Entrepreneurs Organization’s (EO) Uganda Leadership Board for the year 2023/24, a testament to his extraordinary leadership and entrepreneurial prowess.

The Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) is a renowned global entity that has always strived for excellence and innovation. EO’s objective is to empower entrepreneurs and foster an environment that encourages them to attain their full potential, thus making significant contributions to society. Serving as a platform that drives global progress, EO unites the world’s most influential entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Patrick’s appointment to the EO’s Uganda Leadership Board comes as a significant milestone, not just for him, but for our organization as well. With a track record of exceptional leadership and an unwavering commitment to entrepreneurial growth, Patrick is poised to provide invaluable insights and strategic vision to the board.

In this new role, Patrick, along with the other respected members of the board, will be entrusted with the responsibility of steering EO towards even greater heights. They will collectively strive to further EO’s mission and goals in Uganda and beyond. With his profound experience and innovative mindset, Patrick is certain to drive transformative changes within EO, making it an even more potent force for entrepreneurial development.

On behalf of our entire team, we extend heartfelt congratulations to Patrick. We take immense pride in his accomplishments and are confident that his contributions to the EO will be monumental. As he embarks on this new journey, we stand with him, supporting his vision and celebrating his success. His achievement reflects the potential within each of us, spurring us on to continue striving for excellence in our respective roles.

Congratulations, Patrick, on this well-deserved recognition. We’re incredibly proud of you!