Q-Sourcing Servtec Uganda together with The assessment and Skilling Centre (TASC) joyfully celebrated Customer Service Week with a vibrant and culturally inclusive theme that reflected the rich diversity of our workforce and clientele. This year, we significantly honored our devoted customer service team, acknowledging their vital role in the company’s achievements and expressing gratitude towards our diverse client base.

Throughout the week, employees wore traditional clothing, creating a beautifully colorful and unifying atmosphere at the workplace. These striking cultural displays not only brightened our environment but also instilled a strong sense of unity and pride among team members.


Engaging cultural exchange activities were organized, enabling employees to share and embrace each other’s traditions and stories. The week was marked by heartening laughter, mutual learning, and a deeper understanding of our collective and individual heritage.

By adopting a Cultural Wear theme, we not only applauded our dedicated team but also underscored our belief in the empowering strength that diversity brings to our workplace, making the occasion not just memorable, but also profoundly meaningful for all participants.